Status update

Hi everybody,

I wanted to share my ongoing work. The two big projects that I would like to finish in 2018 are:

  • Queen Mayala chapter III
  • Léa – treasure hunter

I have been working on these projects for so long now and I must say it does not progress as fast as I would like… but it is how it is. I recently finalize the girl named Solène who will be one of the main character of Léa (see pictures below).


At the same time I make smaller image set. I expect to release soon more images of Maya and Will (see preview below).


And last but not least, I am developing a plugin to watch comics online. You can try it here with Maya and Megan episode 4. Keep in mind that it is under development so it is probably full of bugs.

cheers and have fun!

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4 thoughts on “Status update

  1. You already showed pictures of Solène in 2017.
    Solène Nguyen is it the same? Only modified. Nice Girl.

    Maya and Will more pictures. Great!

    The plugin works!

  2. Hello
    Great news. I’m looking forward for the results, particularly for Maya and Will 🙂
    I like the plugin too.It works well by me, no bug detected. Just need some information about the download button (what we are supposed to download, in which format, how to read it …) Nice work !

    1. The download button is supposed to download the image set but the link is wrong atm. Need to fix it. Thanks for notifying.

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