Getting to know Chloe

Hi everybody!

If you read my previous post about the small game Room112, you probably noticed that Megan will be replaced by Chloe in the next update. So, today, I would like to tell you a bit more about her.

Chloe is a first-year student in a prestigious Catholic University (the same as Maya). She comes from a very religious family with italian origins. In accordance with this background, her education has been strict and in respect with the traditions of the Catholic church. But now she wants to discover the carefree life of the girls of her age… parties, boys…

Chloe is Maya’s mentoree. The two girls actually met only once before the events of Room112. They have in common the passion for cinema, and this is actually the trigger factor of their steamy adventure, that night in Room112.

Have a look on sexy pictures of Chloe below 🙂

Take care!

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Introducing Maya

I would like to introduce my favorite and the first 3D girl I created: Maya.

Maya is a 26 years old model and modeling agent. She was born in the US in a very traditional upper class family. She raised in the familial property under the strict and conservative education of her parents. She entered in a prestigious University at the age of 18. Here, she discovered joy of life. She opened her mind to progressive and feminist ideas… and to sex. Her brillant future suddenly ended when she was the victim of revenge porn. When Maya’s father saw the images, he disowned her daughter and cut all the money. Maya had no choice but leave the University and make her own life.

She decided to move to L.A. and to become a model. It was not easy at beginning, she had to do dirty things, but now she is a well-established person in the industry, especially as a nude model. She recently built her own model agency, looking for young and beautiful girl to be the future star of catwalks and fashion magazines.

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