Status update

Hi everyone,

After a long break, during which I put my creative work on hold, I’m delighted to have resumed the projects I started a few years ago.

The most important of these is episode 3 of the Léa Delacroix series. It’s almost finished. I plan to release it on April 27, 2024 (next Saturday!). I’m attaching a few previews to this post.

I’ve also finished the script for a new episode of Queen Mayala. The release date is currently unknown. It will be at the end of this year at best.

I’m also working on a short visual story to practice using daz studio on the one hand, and blender on the other hand. The two mini-sets I recently released are part of this process.

Finally, my last active project is the development of a point-and-click game. More on that in a future post!

Take care!

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