Comic released: Queen Mayala Chapter III

Hello everybody,

As promised, third chapter of Queen Mayala has been released today! It includes 175 high-quality images, and rhyming dialogues by the excellent s-incubus.

Queen Mayala is an erotic fantasy comic taking place in ancient Greece.
After her initiation to the art of sex with Agdistis, Mayala is ready
to accomplish her mission: to convince the king to stop the war. Will
she be able to use her brand new talents to achieve her goal?

Get yourself a copy on my gumroad store!

If you haven’t read chapters I and II, get them here (chapter I is free).

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9 thoughts on “Comic released: Queen Mayala Chapter III

  1. Love your art!!!!! Excellent facial expressions and details in the surroundings. THANK YOU

  2. Man, there is work behind! I am always fascinated by the perseverance in creating such a story. Great work. Thank you!

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