Comic released: Maya and Will (part 1)

Hey guys,

I just want to share a work I started a long time ago. It remains unfinished but let’s be honest,  I will never continue its development. The orginal idea was to depict a sort of sex battle between Maya and a guy named Will. The first who makes the other one cum wins! I had originally planned to make about 80 images. Here are the 32 I have actually rendered.

cheers 🙂

>>> download 32 images @ 1920x1080px <<<


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4 thoughts on “Comic released: Maya and Will (part 1)

  1. For me, there is not a beautiful animated girl in the whole scene as Maya.
    It is a pity that you did not draw this story any further, but with a lot of imagination
    you can see the last picture as a final picture.

    1. Thanks for the nice compliment. Hopefuly I have more time to complete successfully my next project.

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