5 thoughts on “Comic released: The [sex]life of Maya Parker ep. 6

  1. Very great work. thank you. Maya is amazing and i like Megan with this smaller breast (am i right, or you change it ?) Just a question: is that possible to give more natural breast. When she’s extended on the table, it should be less erect, also when she’s ass over head it should be down. I suppose it’s lot of work.

    1. Thank you.

      Yes, Megan’s breasts are smaller and more perky. I find them more sexy like this. I always try to improve, it is possible to do more realistic physics, but it adds a lot of work. Maybe I am too lazy 😉

  2. Ok, i suppose you’re note really lazy :-). It’s already lot of work. And i agree Megan is more sexy like that. Thank’s for the answer

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