Comic released: Queen Mayala Chapter II

Hi everyone,

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the release of Queen Mayala Chapter II on

Sometime before her voyage through the World-Between, Mayala is waiting for the return of the King left at war. In the garden of the royal palace, she meets the intriguing and mysterious Agdistis, a half-male/half-female Goddess.

The set costs $7.00 for 128 full HD pictures with text. This one is not free but don’t worry, I will still share a lots of free stuffs on my website 🙂




9 thoughts on “Comic released: Queen Mayala Chapter II

  1. Will Mayala finally will be released for all members or for paying only been a while now.

    1. Sorry it is not possible to make it free because then people would not purchase the next episode. They would just wait until it becomes free. There will be a discount when the next episode is released.

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