Status update

Hello everyone,

I have one bad news and one good news.

The bad news is that Room112 won’t be released in May. To tell you the truth, I don’t have the motivation and the inspiration to continue this game. Same thing happened last year when I tried to resume its development. I just don’t enjoy to work on this game anymore. So, I think that Room112 will stay as it is… forever. I am really sorry for all of you who were looking forward for the part 2. You can download here all the renders related to this game.

On the other hand, and this is the good news, I am extremely motivated to work on the sequel of Queen Mayala. I have about 20 renders already (more than 100 expected). I can’t tell you the release date yet, but I am pretty confident. The work goes fast and is extremely enjoyable. See some renders below in which the new character Shanya is revealed.


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6 thoughts on “Status update

  1. Thanks for the update. And the renders make up for the status of room 112! And I can’t wait till next time we are graced with Queen Mayala’s presence!

  2. it’s a shame that you won’t finish the game. up until now it was better than any game from sharks lagoon…
    but i guess there is no point in it, if the creator doesn’t like working on it…
    however, your other works are great too, keep up the good work!

  3. Gutted about you not finishing the game really liked it, but least we now know the score. Will you carry on the story as a comic\VN

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